Adda talk 5

Overcoming bias in the leadership pipeline

27 mája, 2021
o 16:00 hod.
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Are we able to identify women leaders?

We know that for future leaders the ability to manage diversity is one of the crucial competencies. However, are we really able to create diverse teams? Latest study published by Pinsight shows, that despite a lot of organizations claim taking actions towards increasing diversity, only little progress has been made in achieving this goal in leadership positions. It is clear that organizations must rethink how they identify future leaders – today’s practices are often influenced by unconscious bias and result in unintentional discrimination, leaving potentially more capable talent behind.

ADDA Talks 5 with Ľubica Šebestová, Managing Partner at ADDA Consultants and Michelle Brown, COO of Pinsight in discusion about the role unconscious bias still plays in hiring, high-potential identification, and development.

The key point for this discussion was:

  • How companies identify leadership potential and why is it a problem?
  • Research and data revealing how big is the problem and why are women often overlooked when it comes to leadership pipeline
  • What can we do to overcome bias and achieve diversity in our leadership teams?

Virtual facilitated interactive discussion, English language.


Michelle Brown
COO of Pinsight


Mgr. Ľubica Šebestová
Adda Consultants Managing Director